Saturday, March 6, 2010

Center Grove Model - Lauren

A 2011 model from Center Grove High School will be representing Scott Photography this year. If you're interested in senior pictures, and will be a 2011 graduate of Center Grove, see Lauren for some wallets and redeem them for a discount on your photo session.

Scott Photography specializes in on-location portraits of high school seniors, families and children. The variety and surprises are endless that occur on a photo session while in and around your home in real-life situations. What I capture is not possible in a studio environment. That's not to say we don't do some studio stuff. The ease and environmentally friendly surroundings of the studio is used on occasion, but on-location shooting is unmatched in terms of:

+ Comfortable expressions
+ Relaxed environment (it's your home)
+ Clothing selection is a no-brainer
+ Your portraits WON'T look like your friends'

So Seniors - If you want to sit in the same leather sofa or stand in front of the same background and pay $5 for an 8x10 desk portrait, then we are NOT your studio.

BUT - If you're after a very different photographic experience and want a photographer that invests an enormous amount of time with you during your session, then consider us. I believe this type of photography is the ultimate in personalization. I understand many are reluctant to have me come to your homes because no one thinks they have anything worth photographing. Most of the seniors I photograph live in very modest, middle-income homes. While you may not have Spanish arches, an in-ground swimming pool or a half acre flower garden, EVERY home has unlimited portrait possiblities!

My seniors have been photographed in kitchens, dining rooms, portches, attics, hallways, garages, barns, bedrooms, bathrooms and basements. I'm sure you have at least 4 of these in your home.

.......After all the info above about having your senior portaits taken at your home and how much I insist that at least one of your sessions will take place there - Here are some pictures of Lauren at our studio :)